Reading Time: 2 minutes The new burger has been described as similar to McDonald's 'Big Vegan TS' sandwich (Photo: McDonald's)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

McDonald’s Israel is launching a vegan burger in some of its Tel Aviv outlets in six weeks, according to reports.

The Big Vegan, which will feature a plant-based patty created by Nestle, is thought to be similar to The Big Vegan TS – an animal-free sandwich launched by the fast food giant in Germany in April.

The price of the burger, as well as the specific locations in which it will be sold, have yet to be confirmed.

McDonald’s in Europe

McDonald’s has expanded its vegan offering in some countries, and has a number of vegan products on its menus Europe, including falafel nuggets in Sweden.

It also offers the McVegan Burger in Sweden – which it rolled out across the country at the end of 2017. The burger chain is also trialing the El Veggo in Finland.

In addition, McDonald’s launched a vegan Happy Meal in the UK earlier this year – as well as a wrap which is suitable for those on a plant-based diet (though there is a risk of cross-contamination due to the cooking method).

Vegan in Germany

In addition, McDonald’s recently launched its Big Vegan TS burger in Germany.

The Big Vegan TS features Nestlé’s new plant-based Garden Gourmet patty, as well as mustard, ketchup, onions, tomato, and salad.

A spokesperson for the chain says the burger delivers the ‘typical McDonald’s taste’, and a review by brands the sandwich the ‘best veggie burger so far’ created by the eatery.

The fast-food giant has faced criticism over its treamtment of animals

Boycotting McDonald’s

While the burger may be popular with some, it is likely to fiercely divide opinion, due to McDonald’s history of mistreating animals.

The fas-food giant was recently accused of ‘ghosting’ its animal welfare responsibilities by non-profit organization, The Humane League.

The League made a video aiming to pressure McDonald’s into signing the Better Chicken Commitment – which sets out clear requirements for animals being raised for meat such as banning the use of cages and multi-tier systems.

‘Unimaginable suffering’

“Behind closed doors, animals are suffering in unimaginable ways for McDonald’s menu items. Chickens are bred to grow so large, so fast, they can hardly walk,” said the organization.

“They spend their short, miserable lives in crowded, filthy sheds. Despite thousands of consumers voicing their concerns about this animal cruelty, McDonald’s executives have refused to listen.

“It’s time they stop ghosting their chicken welfare responsibilities.”

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