McDonald's Releases New Vegan Burger

McDonald’s Releases New Vegan Burger


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McDonald’s has released
a vegan burger in Norway called the Veggie
, adding one more location to several countries where the fast food
restaurant chain offers veggie burgers. McDonald’s has a veggie burger
meal option
on its New Zealand menu, although the website clarifies that
it’s just available at participating restaurants. Other countries with veggie
burgers at the chain eatery include Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

This isn’t the first time that McDonald’s
has offered veggie options. In fact, McDonald’s formerly had a veggie burger
nearly two decades ago in major United States cities, including Manhattan where
I used to chow down on it. I also used to eat the McDonald’s veggie
when I moved to Los Angeles in 2004.

Since I moved and also took a break from
eating fast food, I can’t tell you when McDonald’s stopped selling veggie
burgers. However, Business
reported that McDonald’s investors were told that veggie burgers
don’t sell well at McDonald’s in 2011. On the flip side, Darren Tristano of Technomic,
pointed out that serving vegetarian options at a fast food restaurant increases
the odds of meat-eating customers going to an eatery, too, since groups will go
where every member of their party can eat.

Many vegans are hoping that McDonald’s will
step up their game in the United States and other countries to offer a veggie
burger and other vegan option. Meanwhile, White Castle currently offers two
vegan burger options. Also, the Vegan Society recently release a list
of U.S. fast food vegan options

When eating at fast food restaurants in the
United States, you can enjoy pizza at Little Caesar’s, a garden burger from Red
Robin, a baked potato at Wendy’s, lots of Mexican food from Taco Bell, and
dozens of other yummy delights at other convenient eateries. When you are
pressed for time, on the road, or just have a hankering for fast food, the
vegan options keep getting more plentiful across the country.

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