Reading Time: < 1 minute The man developed symptoms within 12 hours of consuming raw fish
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A South Korean man lost his forearm to amputation after eating contaminated fish and contracting flesh-eating bacteria, according to a recently released case study.

The study – published by The New England Journal Of Medicine – stated that the man developed ‘fever and excruciating pain’ 12 hours after eating raw fish.

By the time the patient was seen by doctors, he had lesions and swelling in both his left hand and forearm.


According to the report, the infection persisted despite treatment – with the lesions developing into ‘deep necrotic ulcers’.

His forearm was amputated 25 days after his first visit.

The patient ‘did well’ and was discharged soon after.


The report noted potential sources of flesh-eating bacteria.

Included in the list were contaminated seawater, and raw or undercooked seafood.

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