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The makers behind vegan JUST Egg have revealed that they’ve hit the equivalent of two million eggs sold since rolling out the product to retailers and restaurants in September – and they are now pushing for two billion.

Vegan JUST Egg, which is made from mung beans, was created to ‘to scramble and taste just like eggs’ – but with a lower environmental footprint.

Describing the two million mark as a ‘milestone that’s hard to believe’, JUST says the figure is a combination of JUST Egg retail (liquid) and foodservice (liquid and baked patty) sales.

Vegan JUST Egg

A spokesperson for JUST said the company has been ‘overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from consumers and partners’ over the past four months – and that this is just the beginning.

“Two million is good, but we’re pushing for two billion in the next few years.” JUST CEO Josh Tetrick told Plant Based News. “I’m grateful to my team and the customers out there who made this big milestone happen.”

Vegan egg availability

JUST Vegan Egg is currently available in Veggie Grill outlets in the States, in some Hong Kong outlets, and at the Grand Hyatt Singapore hotel. It was supposed to launch on online retailer Jet in August (though at the time of writing, does not appear to be available on the site).

Earlier this Summer, it was announced that JUST had struck a distribution deal to bring the highly-anticipated product to Europe – though no timeline has been given yet for its arrival.

The product is set to launch in China this year, with a spokesperson telling PBN: “China is uniquely positioned to benefit from JUST Egg and related plant-based products…We believe JUST Egg can help address issues of food scarcity, security and overall diversification of the protein products people consume. “

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