Reading Time: 2 minutes The retailer wants to target young people with its new vegan range (Photo: Morrisons)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

UK retailer Morrisons is launching a new range of vegan food which will hit shelves in October, according to The Guardian.

The new options will include vegan Red Leicester cheese as well as ready meals like chili ‘non carne’.

The brand’s Chief Executive David Potts said the store is targetting younger consumers with the plant-based foods.

Vegan food and wonky veg

In addition, the store will be adjusting its specs on vegetables and fruit so it can sell smaller produce – a result of Britain’s hot, dry Summer.

Potts said: “[We will] sell what Britain has grown through the summer. It will be a wonky autumn and Christmas.”


Earlier this year, Morrisons took a step towards being more vegan-friendly when it pledged to label all of its own-brand vegan products.

The pledge followed the #MarkItVegan campaign launched by animal protection organization Animal Aid, which encourages all major supermarkets to clearly label own-brand vegan products. According to Animal Aid: “Morrisons will join who have all committed to clear vegan labelling since the launch of the #MarkItVegan campaign.

“Some have started to roll-out their newly established vegan logos. And whilst Morrisons has not been able to give a definite date for the label roll-out, they have stated that it will happen this year.”

Supermarket vegan wars

Throughout 2018, UK supermarkets have been competing to offer vegan products to consumers, with Tesco kicking off the charge in January with its 20-product Wicked Kitchen range.

At the end of 2017, Tesco’s Director of Plant Based Innovation Derek Sarno said veganism would become mainstream in 2018, predicting that this slew of products would hit shelves.

He said: “There is a lot of stuff coming – it’s super exciting. It’s unavoidable, it’s just going to happen – whether you’re in the way and get run over, or are part of the ride. This next year – 2018 – is our year. It’s the year we go mainstream.”

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