Leading Organization ‘Vegan-Friendly’ Launches Scheme To Promote Vegan Options In Restaurants


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Leading organization ‘Vegan-Friendly’ has launched a scheme to promote vegan options in restaurants.

Vegan-Friendly is an international non-profit organization which seeks to end animal suffering and tackle the climate crisis by promoting plant-based food – a mission it has committed to ‘working tirelessly’ towards.

Originally Tel Aviv-based, the organization has now expanded its operations to the U.K, in a bid to maximize its impact and make finding plant-based food easier for everyone.

Certification for vegan and vegan-friendly businesses

To increase the visibility of vegan restaurants – as well as eateries offering vegan dishes – Vegan-Friendly U.K has launched its Vegan-Friendly certification symbol – which offers businesses (and diners) multiple benefits.

In order to be certified as vegan-friendly, eateries must offer a variety of plant-based options, verified by Vegan-Friendly, so diners can be sure the information they have is accurate.

There are clear rules to get certified. Coffee Shops have to have 25 percent of vegan options available in each category on their menus. In pizza places, those should have a vegan pizza. In Ice-cream places those should have at least three flavours of plant-based milk ice creams.

Under the certification, businesses are both physically and digitally labeled, making them more visible to the hundreds of thousands of vegans – and millions of flexitarians – around the U.K.

Businesses that will apply to get that label will get a wide variety of marketing activities from vegan-friendly to help those businesses to get more ‘vegan traffic’ to their places.

Vegan-Friendly says the process ‘helps businesses to add and enhance their vegan options. It helps vegans to discover new vegan dishes, products and experiences. We have chefs and consultants on team, willing to help your business’.

Vegan-friendly businesses

The campaign has only launched furing the last month and already has succeed it attracting local businesses such as U.K-based Jake’s Vegan Steaks, Comptoir V, and Picky Wops, as well as Israeli Pizza Hut.

The pizza chain said: “We launched our vegan pizza after research made by the Vegan-Friendly team and got 10X more traffic than expected.”

Less meat, more veg

Speaking about the scheme, Ofek Ron, Vegan-Friendly VP of Business Development, said: “We will improve the visibility and exposure of restaurants which serve a minimum of 25-percent vegan options by labeling them both digitally and physically.

“We will also provide restaurants with free hands-on training and guidance on how to switch ingredients in their dishes to improve their vegan offering.

“In our Israeli venture, with our assistance, the restaurants we work with have been able to sell approximately 20 percent more vegan dishes than before. This meant that these restaurants were, in turn, selling less meat dishes and more vegan dishes.”

The organization adds that the certification is ‘just the beginning’, and it has major plans to promote a vegan-friendly lifestyle via a number of channels, including television advertising, food engineering projects, billboards, and more. In addition, it will soon be launching its Vegan-Friendly app, which will make it easier to find vegan-friendly eateries near you.

In Tel-Aviv, the organisation has already initiated extremely successful projects such as the ‘Animal March’, the largest protest in the vegan history which have brought 30,000 vegan activists to march for the animals, as well as a vegan festival for 50,000 people in the center of the city. Domino’s Pizza in Tel Aviv was the first Domino’s franchise to add vegan cheese in the whole world with the help of Vegan-Friendly.

Follow Vegan-Friendly’s Facebook and Instagram pages to find out which businesses are becoming vegan-friendly.

If you are a business, you can find out more about Vegan-Friendly here

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