Major International Forum In 'China's Silicon Valley' Will Focus On Plant-Based Meat

Major International Forum In ‘China’s Silicon Valley’ Will Focus On Plant-Based Meat


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Plant meat is on the agenda at the Forum (Photo: Beyond Meat) - Media Credit:
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An international forum in Zhongguancun, Beijing – China‘s equivalent of Silicon Valley – will focus on plant-based meat for the first time.

The event, which will be held on November 14, will look at how the product can benefit China, as well as how different stakeholders in the country can work together to promote it.

Dao Foods International, a cross-border investor that specializes in supporting China-focused ventures in the alternative protein product space, has organized the Forum in collaboration with Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, one of China’s leading accelerator and incubator organizations.

This Forum is a key part of the whole-day conference on November 14 with a focus on future agriculture and food.

Plant-based representatives

The Forum will bring together representatives of influential international organizations from the plant-based food space to share their experience, perspectives and success cases with a Chinese audience.

These organizations include New Crop Capital (U.S.), Good Food Institute (U.S.), Jeremy Coller Foundation (U.K.), ProVeg (Germany), and CP Group (Thailand). New Crop Capital and Jeremy Coller Foundation have invested in leading alternative protein ventures that include Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Memphis Meats and JUST, and the Good Food Institute has supported hundreds of plant-based and clean meat entrepreneurs.

Both New Crop Capital and Good Food Institute are both founding partners in Dao Foods International.

Plant-based meat

At the Forum, the participants will talk about the global excitement and investments in plant-based meat, the importance of reduction of meat consumption to China, how Chinese millennials can be leveraged to mainstream plant-based food, and how various stakeholders can work together to create a viable plant-based food industry.

Given the nature of the Forum, international speakers will share their insight and experience primarily from the U.S. and Europe to enlighten future developments of plant-based food in China.

A ribbon cutting ceremony and media briefing will also be held during the Forum for Dongsheng-Dao Foods International Next-Generation Food Accelerator, a joint initiative between Dao Foods and Dongsheng to accelerate and invest in China-focused plant-based and potentially clean protein product ventures.

Chinese market

A collaborative effort between Dao Ventures, Moonspire Social Ventures, and New Crop Capital, Dao Foods is introducing innovative and climate-friendly protein products, primarily plant-based and clean meat (PBCM), into the Chinese market.

This cross-border impact venture aims to disrupt the global meat, egg, and dairy markets in order to curb the environmental impact of meat production and address the health and safety concerns of meat consumption in China.

Meat consumption

“With rapid rising incomes and increasing meat consumption in China, our aim is to introduce alternative products into the China market to reduce the consumer demand for animal products from the traditional livestock industry, which has had growing negative environmental, food safety and health impact,” said Albert Tseng, co-founder of Dao Foods and Managing Director of Moonspire Social Ventures.

“Diets are radically changing in China, and New Crop Capital is proud to be a part of Dao Foods to steer this change in a direction that supports the health of people and the planet,” New Crop Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Chris Kerr says. 

“This is a critical moment for China’s food industry, and we at New Crop Capital believe that Dao Foods is equipped to take advantage of this moment to make climate-friendly foods the norms, not the exception.”

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