Major Food Conference To Look At Progress Of Clean Meat Innovation


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New protein is a hot topic in the food industry. At a time when food-production methods are taking a huge toll on the planet and its inhabitants, innovative alternatives are urgently needed.

Is there a way to meet the rising demand in global meat consumption in a more sustainable way? This will be one of the central questions under discussion at the New Food Conference in Berlin in March.

Clean meat

One potential solution is cultured animal products, particularly ‘clean meat’, which has hit the headlines recently. Clean meat, also referred to as ‘cultured meat’, is not a plant-based analogue but instead meat made from real animal cells.

By applying the latest advances in technology, meaty food items are produced in sophisticated cell-culture and tissue-engineering processes that do not require the killing of animals.

Growth and innovation in this field have been remarkable over the last couple of years, and, while clean meat is still the main focus, the concept is now expanding to cultured fish and dairy alternatives.

Alternative protein

The second day of the New Food Conference will be dedicated to such innovative approaches: Speakers will include Dr Mark Post from Mosa Meat, Michael Selden from Finless Foods, Hanna Tuomisto from the University of Helsinki, and Prof. Nahmias from Future Meat Technology in Israel.

These experts will give insights into their exciting projects and discuss environmental issues, including how we might achieve a sustainable, animal-free future for the global agricultural system.

Collectively, we simply can’t continue to eat the way we currently do. The good news is that innovation is on the way. Now, it’s a matter of shining a light on these new approaches to get businesses involved and pave the way for consumer acceptance.

For the complete programme of speakers and to buy tickets, visit the ProVeg New Food Conference website

Please join us at the New Food Conference and be part of tomorrow’s food solutions.


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