Can Major Drive To Increase ‘Accessible’ Vegan Options Boost Movement?


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A new UK-based campaign launched by The Vegan Society aims to make veganism even easier – by increasing the amount of ‘grab and go’ food available.

According to the team behind the campaign, which is called ‘Vegan On The Go’: “Forming a new habit can be hard – so making is as easy as possible will help us to accelerate the great strides in veganism we’re already seeing.

“So – how can we get companies to produce more vegan options? 

“We’re involved with speaking directly to food retailers at head office level, but as well as that we’ve got a whole host of ways for you to take part in the campaign.”

Fantastic strides

The Vegan Society’s Elena Orde told PBN: “We’ve seen some fantastic strides forward in the past couple of years in terms of new, affordable vegan products in supermarkets and restaurants. 

“However, when we polled our audience 91 percent of vegans still said they struggled to find a ready-made vegan lunch when they were out and about. 

“This campaign is about accelerating the positive change which is already happening in the market, and improving the accessibility and profile of veganism. 

“This way, we can make it easier for more people to go vegan and stay vegan.”

Call to action

While The Society will be playing its part in spreading the word, it is calling on people power to help boost its efforts.

The team says: “Firstly – you can use our form to email the companies of your choice. If enough of us do this, they will start to sit up and take notice of the power of the vegan pound.

“You can also tweet companies showing that they would gain your custom if they upped their vegan game. 

“We know that there are so many products with a pesky small amount of milk or dairy included – so sending pics of ‘nearly vegan’ products to companies’ social media accounts will highlight to them how easy it could be to widen their appeal.

“As well as tackling the big companies, we’re also looking at ways to veganise small, independent cafes and restaurants in your local town. 

“And this is where you come in! Request a pack to give you tips and ideas on how to veganise your town, as well as resources to hand out to your local businesses.”

You canfind out more about Vegan On The Go here


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