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Major organic alcohol brand Drake’s has earned a worldwide vegan certification for its handcrafted spirits from the Vegan Awareness Foundation.

The new accreditation means Drake’s, which offers vodka, spiced, and white rum, is now the only spirit line in the world to be certified USDA Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, and Kosher.

It also makes the drinks the only vegan-certified vodka and rum in the world, according to the brand.

Vegan drinks?

Alcoholic drinks can contain a number of ingredients which make them unsuitable for vegans. In addition, animal derivatives are sometimes also used in the filtration process.

Some hidden animal byproducts found in alcoholic drinks include: albumen (egg white), albumin (egg or dried blood), carmine (insect), casein (milk), charcoal (animal bone), chitin (shellfish), gelatin (connective tissue of cow or pig), honey (bees), isinglass (fish bladder membranes), lactose (milk), and pepsin (pigs).

“In addition, charred animal bones are often used as part of the sugar-refining process,” said a company statement.

“Drake’s Organic Spirits uses a unique coconut fiber filtration process that is eco-friendly and ensures no animal derivatives are used as ingredients or in the production of the company’s ultra-premium spirits.”

‘Thrilled to be vegan-certified’

“Drake’s Organic Spirits is committed to providing a premium drinking experience that is also healthier, eco-friendly and ethical,” said Drake’s founder and CEO Mark Anderson.

“We’re thrilled to be certified by the highly respected Vegan Awareness Foundation.

“It provides assurance to every vegan who enjoys a cocktail that Drake’s provides healthier drinking options.”

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