Reading Time: < 1 minute The global conglomerate intends on boosting its presence in the plant-based market (Photo: Nestlé Facebook)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Giant food corporation Nestlé has announced that it will deliver ‘industry leading’ growth by tackling the plant-based sector.

Addressing key consumer trends, the international conglomerate revealed at a recent investor summit in London that it will be leveraging organic, natural, as well as plant-based trends.

Nestlé, which is the world’s biggest food and drink company, will be capitalizing on consumers who identify themselves as flexitarian, vegetarian, and vegan.


The company’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Units, Marketing and Sales, Patrice Bula, said at the summit that the plant-based sector is on the rise.

Bula said: “We want to bring a vegetarian offer to consumers in Europe and the western world and ride on this trend that we believe is here to stay and amplify.”

Nestlé is currently working on extending its presence in this sphere, having recently introduced products such as Coffeemate, made from alomd milk and dairy-free ice-cream, as well as acquiring meatless brand Sweet Earth.


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