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Adult confectionary brand Candy Kittens – which is co-owned by Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing – has revealed plans to make its sweets suitable for vegans.

The range, which was launched by Laing in 2012, currently only offers two vegan flavours – Sweet Pineapple and Sour Apple.

But according to Managing Director Ed Williams, there are plans to relaunch early next year, after changing manufacturer to take out the beef gelatine out of the tasty treats.

Williams claims the changes will bring consistency across the brand, as well as open it up to a broader customer base.

He said: “People are following vegan diets for religious reasons, moral reasons, dietary reasons.”

The relaunch is due in January or February of next year. Williams concludes: “We’re taking so much time over this, so that the product is not just as good, but better. 

“The texture of the vegan sweets is actually nicer than the gelatine sweets. It’s definitely a better product, and something we’re really excited about.”

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