Low Carb Dieters Snub Top Vegan Physician Dr. Klaper At Medical Conference

Low Carb Dieters Snub Top Vegan Physician Dr. Klaper At Medical Conference


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Dr. Klaper is highly-regarded in his field - Media Credit:
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Low carb and paleo dieters snubbed a recent talk by top vegan doctor Michael Klaper at a recent health conference.

According to a source who attended the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) Conference, one attendee was heard to mutter ‘bloody vegans’ during the en masse walk-out. Despite this, Dr. Klaper’s talk was reportedly the only one to receive sheering from the audience.

The BSLM is affiliated with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine with both offering the same diploma emphasizing the benefits of plant-based nutrition. This has led some to speculate that having a well-known vegan doctor speaking at the event should not have been controversial – and UK lifestyle medicine has been ‘hijacked by low carbers’.

Dr. Klaper shares his views on nutrition


“All speakers receive a standing ovation, Dr. Klaper was the only one to receive cheering too,” a source told Plant Based News. “BSLM rules are standing ovation with clapping above the head, it’s good for circulation and obviously good for the morale of the speaker.

“It was a great conference overall, but there was not enough emphasis on nutrition. Luckily, the main nutrition talk was by Dr. Klaper. Another great talk was the Caerphilly study which showed the importance of long-term lifetstyle interventions (like eating more fruits and vegetables) in improving morality.

“One of the delegates overheard someone say ‘bloody vegans’ as they walked out, and another attendee noticed that BSLM Chairman Rob Lawson did not stay for the talk. He also invited Malcolm Kendrick to speak, who is a known cholesterol denier.”

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