Vegans Have Twice As Much Sex As Meat-Eaters, Says Survey

'Vegans are masters of seduction it would appear... I’ve never heard of a rack of barbecue ribs or a lamb shank turn anyone on'


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A couple being intimate Most vegans described their sex life as 'great' - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

Vegans have twice as much sex as meat-eaters, a new survey* reveals.

Data from dating app found 57 percent of vegans report having sex four times a week. Only half of the particpants who identified as meat-eaters said they had twice a week. 

A staggering 92 percent of vegans also described their love lives as ‘great’ – with more than half (58 percent) saying they ‘always’ have the energy for sex. 

With meat-eaters, the percentages dropped to 79 and 35 respectively.

‘Vegans are masters of seduction’

Speaking to the Mirror, a spokesperson for Illicit Encounters said: “Vegans are masters of seduction it would appear. Our statistics don’t lie and vegans eat foods known for their aphrodisiac qualities such as ginseng and aniseed.

“But I’ve never heard of a rack of barbecue ribs or a lamb shank turn anyone on.”

‘A game-changer in the bedroom’

Many high-profile celebs such as comedian Dave Hughes have credited a plant-based diet for boosting their sex life.

Speaking on his radio show Hughesy and Ed, the Australian star reportedly said: Being a vegan or plant-based is a game-changer in the bedroom. There we go. I’m claiming it.”

Former mixed martial artist and The Game Changers star James Wilks believes a plant-based diet improved his erectile function.

He made the comments in an interview with LADbible, where he was asked if ‘he had noticed a difference in the downstairs department’ as a result of ditching animal products.

Wilks said: “I do feel like it did improve, erectile function, but I’ve got no evidence – I haven’t measured my erections.”

*The survey involved 1,000 participants. 500 were vegan, and 500 were meat-eaters

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