Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegan wine and cheese will be on offer
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A vegan wine and cheese night focusing on mindfulness will be held in London on October 23.

Mindfulness is a practice of paying full attention to the present moment to become more fully engaged with life. The Winefulness event will take place on at The Grocery Wine Bar & Vault in Shoreditch.

Vegan wines from Vintage Roots and artisanal vegan cheeses from I AM NUT OK will be on offer, alongside a series of fun mindfulness practices, demonstrating that mindfulness is not just about stress management, but key in enjoying good times more fully.

Vegan wine

“Many of the major high street and online retailers have ramped up their offerings of vegan wines this year in response to the surge in popularity of veganism,” said Emma Roberts, Owner of wine pr company Eviva Communications.

“The Vegan Society says there are now 600,000 vegans in the UK with nearly half aged between 15 and 34, so we thought it was an ideal time to launch this event targeting trendy, young, health-conscious Londoners.

“Mindfulness encourages a non-judgemental acceptance of experience. Through Winefulness we will be bringing this quality to wine tasting to encourage tasters to trust their own sensory perceptions.”


“We felt Winefulness would be a fun way to show how mindfulness can be applied to every aspect of life – it’s not just for reducing stress,” added Mindfulness Trainer Andy Hix from Wellbeing Capital Partners.

“And as people are becoming more health conscious and consuming less but better quality, we think Winefulness will help them to really savour and appreciate what they eat and drink.”

Wines for the event are being supplied by organic wine specialists, Vintage Roots – which offers a ‘substantial’ number of vegan wines.

The event is open to all, and previous experience of mindfulness or wine tasting is not required. Tickets are available online

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