Reading Time: < 1 minute A few vegan dishes will stay on the menu beyond November (Photo: Facebook)?
Reading Time: < 1 minute

London ‘meaty’ restaurant Foxlow will be trialing a vegan menu for the month of November in celebration of World Vegan Month.

The eatery, which is the sister of major London steakhouse Hawksmoor, will make its debut on November 1. 

Some vegan dishes on the new menu will be available beyond next month, such as carrot hummus with carrot top pesto and chilli, roast acorn squash pie with vegan gravy, and aubergine ‘steak’ with wild mushrooms, onions, and vegan béarnaise.


Co-founder Huw Gott told London Eater: “We always wanted it to be really flexible, so you could come and eat really healthily if you want, or come and indulge, but you’d always feel comfortable with where your food came from and what it’s doing for you.” 

Will Beckett, co-founder of the eatery added: “We eat meat, but when we do we eat the good stuff – properly reared with a view on the life of the animal and proper prices paid to farmers. 

“We like our fair share of seafood, but again want the right stuff – sustainably caught in British waters. 

“The rest of the time we eat a lot of vegetables – for various reasons, including health, wellbeing and ethics – but actually mostly because they’re delicious.”


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