Reading Time: < 1 minute Director Keegan Kuhn described DiCaprio as a 'true environmentalist' (Photo: Instagram)
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In this PBN Exclusive, Founder Klaus Mitchell discusses
vegan documentary Cowspiracy – and how superstar Leonardo DiCaprio became ‘obsessed’ with it – with the film’s director Keegan Kuhn.


The 2014 film – which delves into the negative impacts of
animal agriculture – was a collaborative effort of Keegan Kuhn and co-director
Kip Anderson, who also directed hit documentary What The Health.

Despite its controversial suggestion that animal agriculture
is the number one cause of environmental destruction – emphasizing climate
change, deforestation, and water waste – Cowspiracy came to be massively
popular on Netflix.

This is in part due to the support it received from actor, producer,
two-time Golden Globe winner and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio.


According to Kuhn, DiCaprio caught wind of the film and
requested a screener from its directors who, assuming the call was a prank,
fulfilled the request regardless.

The pair were then contacted by DiCaprio’s producing partner
Jennifer Davidson who reportedly told them the star had become ‘obsessed’ with
Cowspiracy, and that it was ‘all he was talking about’.

‘True environmentalist’

Kuhn told PBN that DiCaprio took getting the film onto
Netflix into his own hands, calling the company’s heads, and insisting that it
needed to be seen by the masses.

Describing DiCaprio as a ‘true environmentalist’, Kuhn told
“To have Leonardo DiCaprio come on as Executive Producer was, you know,

“You couldn’t really ask for a better, more credentialed
person to be involved with your film.”

Emily Court

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