Reading Time: < 1 minute LEON's bestselling food will launch in supermarkets soon (Photo: LEON)
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Fast-food chain LEON is launching its bestselling waffle fries – alongside three new vegan sauces in selected Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

The new sauces include LOVe Burger Sauce, Korean Chilli Mayo, and Harissa & Sundried Aioli.

The products will launch on May 15. The Waffle Fries will have an introductory price of £1.50 for four weeks, after that the price will be £2. The sauces will cost £2.50.

‘Enjoy fast food at home’

According to LEON, its Waffle Fries are its number one selling restaurant product, with the brand selling 2.5 million portions of the side in 2019.

“We know how much our customers love our baked waffle fries and vegan sauces, so we’re excited to be expanding our Grocery range to help more people enjoy naturally fast food at home,” Charlotte Di Cello, chief commercial officer at LEON, said.

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