Reading Time: < 1 minute The product will be available to buy in the States soon (Photo: JUST)
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Plant-based tech startup JUST has announced that its highly anticipated Vegan Eggwill be available for US customers to buy from online retailer Jet from late August.

The product – a vegan alternative to scrambled egg – is based on a mung bean protein isolate, described by the brand as ‘an egg substitute that contains the same amount of protein as a chicken egg, with zero cholesterol’. JUST says its product takes 77 percent less water to produce than traditional egg – and emits 40 percent fewer greenhouse gases.

It is currently available in Veggie Grill outlets, as well as Flore restaurant in San Francisco and Equinox Restaurant in Washington DC. It is also available at vegan-friendly supermarket and deli chain Green Common in Hong Kong.

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The company revealed it was gearing up to manufacture the product for retail earlier this month, with JUST Co-Founder and CEO Josh Tetrick sharing a factory photo and tweeting: “Retail production begins.”

According to JUST, the product has been approved for sale in Wegmans, alongside other retailers including Nugget Markets, Fresh Thyme, New Seasons Market, Giant, and Gelsons. There is no information about launch dates or which branches the product will be available in yet.

JUST has launched a campaign on its website to help consumers get the product into their favorite store. According to the company: “Ask your favorite retailers and restaurants to offer Just Egg. You can call, email, or print out a ticket to ask politely in person. Whichever you choose, provide proof of reaching out to at least three and you’ll receive a coupon for one of the first-ever bottles of Just Egg.”

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