Reading Time: < 1 minute The chain's Keto Zoodle Bowl now features vegan meatballs (Photo: Twitter / Just Salad)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Casual restaurant chain Just Salad has announced it will completely ditch beef and permanently replace it with plant-based alternatives from Beyond Meat

The New York-based eatery, which has nearly 40 locations in the states, says the move is part of its ‘planet of profit’ mission.

Beyond Meat’s vegan meatballs will replace grilled steak on the chains Keto Zoodle Bowl. While customers can also opt for the plant-based substitutes onto salads -priced at $4.99 for three. 

‘Plant-based is the future’

“We see that plant-based is really the future,” Janani Lee, Just Salad’s Chief Sustainability Officer, told FOX Business. “It’s something our guests are looking for.”

Speaking to Business Insider, Lee added: “We know red meat’s incredibly wasteful and has a huge carbon footprint, so we decided to remove grass-fed steak from our menu and replace that with Beyond Meat.”

Ditching beef

Earlier this month, London pub The Three Stags also decided to remove beef from its menu to focus on plant-based alternatives.

The pub announced it was boycotting beef in a bid to ‘save the rainforest’ – after a plethora of media outlets linked the Amazon fires to cattle farming.

“Our diet must change and we cannot continue to exploit the planet so unnecessarily,” the business wrote on Facebook.

“There may be many other ways to reverse climate change – the fast-food industry growing food instead of meat for example, but let’s be honest here and make no mistake. What ‘mankind’ is doing to the Amazon to feed beef to billions of greedy mouths is deplorable and though my business is not vegetarian or vegan I feel the responsibility not to sell beef as a statement, overwhelming.”

Liam Giliver

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