Reading Time: < 1 minute  'We know that the root of this is from animals'. 
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Former mixed martial artist James Wilks, who was one of the producers of plant-based documentary The Game Changers, has blasted the conditions of factory farms that allow diseases to be spread.

Wilks made the comment in a recent interview with Men’s Health, whilst discussing the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.


“With this lockdown, with COVID-19, we know that the root of this is from animals,” the filmmaker said.

“If you look at the swine flu, the bird flu, all these pandemics, three out of four, started because of animals, whether that’s wild animals or farm animals.”

‘Social distancing’

Wilks continued: “The funny thing is people say we don’t want to spread disease so we should separate and have this social distancing, well what are we doing to animals that are in factory farms?

“What conditions are they in? It’s no wonder that disease is spreading among those animals and then it transfers over to humans.”

Wilks added that risks to ‘public health’ were another reason people should be eating ‘more plants’.

You can watch the full interview here

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