Reading Time: < 1 minute The company wants to 'promote the declaration that vegan is healthier' (Photo: Toa Heftiba)
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Last year US insurance company HealthIQ started offering vegans lower life insurance, claiming their diet makes them healthier and therefore more likely to live longer.

Now a company in Israel has started offering the country’s vegan population (five percent) a discount on its health plans.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Clal Insurance ‘has established a Vegans Pay Less [VPL] initiative, developing specific life and health insurance plans for vegans, which include a significant discount’.


Uri Eshel, the Co-CEO of Lavi, said: “VPL’s ultimate goal is to promote the declaration that vegan is healthier, and the establishment of this declaration will result in the greatest wave of veganism seen in Israel until now.

“Because of this, we are committed to promoting the growth of special services for vegans.

“Many studies reinforce the claim that a vegan lifestyle is healthier, prolongs life expectancy and contributes to health and the environment.”


This rationale ties-in with what HealthIQ said at the time it launched its cheaper vegan life insurance.

According to HealthIQ: “To celebrate these unsung heroes, we have negotiated lower rates on life insurance by measuring data from over 1M health conscious people.”

The company shared a number of reasons why vegans are healthier than omnivores, listing lowered risks of diabetes and hypertension among them.

Maria Chiorando

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