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Plant-based physician Dr. Michael Greger has gained a significant platform in recent years, spreading his vegan knowledge through his New York Times‘ bestselling book How Not To Die, as well as numerous media appearances.

He an American physician, author, and professional speaker on public health issues, particularly the benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet and the harms of eating animal products. He is also the creator of, a website which offers evidence-based nutritional advice about the vegan diet.

Vegan activist?

In this exclusive Plant Based News interview, PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell asks: “Is Dr. Greger an animal rights activist with a medical degree?”

This interview features bonus footage from PBN‘s recent interview with the top plant-based doc.

During PBN’s extended interview with Dr. Greger, the physician talks about how his book – How Not To Die – has been a New York Times’ bestseller for 20 months.

“It’s extraordinary,” he told PBN during the interview. “I knew it would appeal to those who appreciate my work, but the fact it’s had a really mainstream impact, is really exciting.

“And it shows that people are hungry for this information. People want to make evidence-based decisions about the health of themselves and their families.”

Watch this bonus footage from PBN’s recent interview with the top plant-based doc.

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