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Canadian skater Meagan Duhamel has had an amazing Olmpic games: taking a gold medal in the team event and bronze in the pairs.

In this interview with Chuck Carroll, shared with PBN, the athlete talks about being vegan, planning an athletic diet, and why the plant-based food at Sochi’s 2014 games was so bad.


She said: “Oh, I was hungry in Sochi – let me tell you! 

“That was a long time to be eating in a cafeteria that served 24-hour McDonald’s, because McDonald’s is a sponsor of the Olympics so that’s what they were serving.

“You’d be surprised the number athletes on the day of their competition we’re choosing to eat McDonald’s. I know a lot of athletes after they finished competing were treating themselves to McDonald’s as well.”


Talking about food she sent ahead to the game, Duhamel said: “I sent some protein bars and containers of beet root powder.

“I sent some squeezy oatmeal packs…they have quinoa oatmeal squeezy packs that are perfect for when you travel. 

“So, I sent some boxes of those. I sent some trail mixes, dried fruits, dried apricots, dried raisins, cereal, crackers, buckwheat rice cakes with almond butter. So many miscellaneous things! 

“Everything I could think of that would get squished in my own suitcases I put in those boxes.”

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