Reading Time: < 1 minute The product is set to debut in the US by 2019
Reading Time: < 1 minute

IKEA’s plant-based hot dog has received a 95-percent
customer approval rating, according to the retail giant – and will expand into
new territory in the near future.

Going international

With roughly 12 percent of IKEA Bistro customers
reportedly choosing vegan or vegetarian options, the brand has plans to roll out the new hot
dog across Europe this August.

The company is also planning a US debut by 2019.

Not just for vegans

IKEA’s US Range and Product Developer Peter Ho explained that when
the product was put on trial in Malmö, it didn’t just appeal to a niche crowd.

He said: “IKEA Malmö is seeing a new customer in their
bistro, whether they are vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, or meat-reducers.”

‘Sustainable option’

Managing Director at Ikea Food Michael La Cour said:
“Every year, 660 million people enjoy the Ikea Food offer, and we see this
global reach as an opportunity as well as a responsibility to serve food that
is good for people and the planet.

the new veggie hot dog, we can inspire and enable customers to choose a
plant-based, more sustainable option at an affordable price.”

Emily Court

Emily Court is a writer and content creator published in Plant Based News, Raise Vegan, Living Vegan and The Financial Diet. A self-described "recovering vegan hothead," she is now a pragmatic member of Vancouver's vibrant and growing plant-powered community. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, she holds a BA in Spanish and certificate in Intercultural Communication from Dalhousie University, where her thesis focused on topics of cultural and gender-based discrimination. She aims to apply a privilege-conscious and culturally sensitive approach to her work in all fields.