Reading Time: 2 minutes The Salt 'Beet' Sandwich at The Grass Rail (Photo: Supplied to Plant Based News)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

An iconic restaurant in Selfridges department store in London has launched a vegan menu as part of the store’s major new sustainability initiative Project Earth.

The Brass Rail, one of Selfridge’s oldest restaurants, is temporarily rebranding as ‘The Grass Rail’.

As part of its vegan menu, it has launched a plant-based Salt ‘Beet’ Sandwich – an animal-free alternative to its famous salt beef option.

Vegan menu

The Salt ‘Beet’ Sandwich features hand-carved slices of salt-baked beetroot, topped with layers of sauerkraut and gherkins, served between slices of freshly cut marbled rye bread.

The beet filling is made from salt-baked beets, with thyme, rosemary, and garlic, which have been roasted whole for one and half hours before being sliced to order.

Other dishes include homemade vegan knishes (dumplings made of flaky dough with a savory filling), a beetroot burger with vegan cheese, and a selection of salads.

‘Really proud’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Selfridges restaurants director, Michael Gardner, said: “We’re really proud of the Grass Rail vegan menu.

“For an institution like The Brass Rail, known for its exceptional salt beef, to be launching a world-first vegan take on the classic salt beef Reuben is just one example of how we’re increasing our plant-based offering in new and innovative ways, and providing our customers with more choice.”

The vegan menu is available now at The Grass Rail.

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