'Horrified' Protester Finds Meat In Sainsbury's Wrap After Animal Rights Event

‘Horrified’ Protester Finds Meat In Sainsbury’s Wrap After Animal Rights Event


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The wrap is part of Sainsbury's selection of preprepared food (Photo: Facebook) - Media Credit:
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Isobel Lentaigne has been left shaken after finding what appeared to be duck in a
Houmous & Falaffel wrap from grocery giant Sainsbury’s.


A long-term
vegan, Lentaigne had been taking part in an Anonymous for the Voiceless animal
rights demonstration in Bristol when she started eating the wrap.

However, she
did not notice the offending substance until she was at the pub later that day.


told Bristol Post: “Everyone said it was meat. I think it’s hoisin, based on
the smell. I have been vegan for four and a half years and I am shocked.”

She added: “I
have eaten meat and the very thought of meat makes me sick. I don’t see it as
meat – I see it as part of an animal that has suffered, and I have now got
those parts inside of me.”


The wrap was
clearly marked ‘vegan’ despite what could be found inside – and Sainsbury’s has
been unable to explain the incident as yet.

A spokesperson
for the company said
: “We’re investigating with our supplier and would like to
offer our apologies to Isobel.”


The event
has left Lentaigne uneasy about future purchases – saying that vegans and
vegetarians should be allowed to inspect premade food prior to purchase.

She added: “It’s
certainly made me re-evaluate doing my shopping at supermarkets – especially if
I’m buying sandwiches!”

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