High Tech Plant-Based Food To Lead Trends In 2018


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Foods like the Beyond Burger are leading the charge (Photo: Beyond Burger) - Media Credit:

‘Bleeding’ vegan burgers and ‘tuna’ made from vegetables are just two of the high tech foods set to top trends in 2018.

A report compiled by retailer Whole Foods Market listed a number of highly anticipated veg-friendly foods that are expected to take off in 2018.

According to a spokesperson: “The seasoned trend-spotters thoughtfully compiled this list based on more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing and studying consumer preferences.”

High tech

The report claims that plant-based diets and dishes continue to dominate the food world – ‘and now the tech industry has a seat at the table, too’. 

Plant-based food has been leading the tech field for some time now, with companies vying to ‘build’ sustainable meat alternatives from plants.

It says: “By using science to advance recipes and manipulate plant-based ingredients and proteins, these techniques are creating mind-bending alternatives like ‘bleeding’ vegan burgers or sushi-grade ‘not-tuna’ made from tomatoes.”


The tech going into these products means they should appeal to a wide audience.

The report claims: “These new production techniques are also bringing some new varieties of nut milks and yogurts made from pili nuts, peas, bananas, macadamia nuts, and pecans. 

“Dairy-free indulgences like vegan frosting, brownies, ice cream, brioche, and crème brûlée are getting so delicious, non-vegans won’t know the difference – or they might choose them anyway.”

The report lists brands like Beyond Meat, Ocean Hugger Foods Ahimi vegan tuna, and Ripple milks made from peas as some of the ones to look out for.


Another veg-friendly trend listed in the top 10 predictions is ‘Root-to-Stem’ eating.

The report says: “Between nose-to-tail butchery and reducing food waste, a few forces are combining to inspire root-to-stem cooking, which makes use of the entire fruit or vegetable, including the stems or leaves that are less commonly eaten. 

“Recipes like pickled watermelon rinds, beet-green pesto or broccoli-stem slaw have introduced consumers to new flavors and textures from old favorites.

Floral flavors like elderflower, ‘puffed and popped’ snacks, and tacos also have spots on the list.


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