Reading Time: < 1 minute The mayonnaise alternative uses maize starch in place of eggs (Photo: Instagram)
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Condiment giant Hellman’s – a subsidiary of Unilever – is set to launch its Vegan Mayo in the UK.

The product will hit shelves at Tesco stores next month, and other major supermarkets later this year.

According to the brand, the UK launch is aimed at satisfying increased demand for plant-based products.

Vegan Mayo

The plant-based mayonnaise alternative – which is soyabean oil-based and uses maize starch in the place of eggs – has reportedly been a ‘huge success’ in North America, where it launched in 2016.

It is certified vegan, gluten free and – according to the bottle – has no artificial colors or flavors.

In the UK, Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo will retail for £2.15 per 270 gram bottle.


According to Unilever, the introduction of vegan mayo is intended to satisfy demand from ‘flexitarians’ – a label used by those reducing their intake of animal products, without eliminating them from their diet entirely.

It is currently estimated that there are at least 22 million people in the UK who identify as flexitarian – a number that is expected to continue to grow.

Emily Court

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