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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegan investors Kale United and Heather Mills have announced their joint investments in Sweden’s leading vegan food brand.

Astrid Och Aporna, which was founded in 2006, makes a range of meat, fish, and dairy alternatives. It will be adding a line of vegan cheeses to its portfolio soon.

Vegan food

According to VBites Founder and CEO Heather Mills, Astrid Och Aporna was one of Scandinavia’s first 100 percent vegan brands – with VBites supplying and developing its foods.

“It would be a shame to not help this innovative company keep its strong hold in the market with the best tasting and largest variety of meat fish and dairy free alternatives in the country,” she said in a statement.

Speaking exclusively to Plant Based News, Mills added: “The innovative Astrid Och Aporna brand is well-positioned to maintain and increase its leading position in Scandinavian markets. And the potential is huge – just look at what Beyond Meat achieved with its ground-breaking IPO.”

‘Exciting relaunch’

Kale United Founder, Måns Ullerstam, described the relaunch of Astrid Och Aporna with VBites as ‘exciting’, saying Mills has been ‘instrumental in defining and growing the vegan food category in Scandinavian supermarkets for over a decade’.

By partnering with Mills and VBites to resurrect the Astrid Och Aporna brand, Ullerstam says they plan to meet strong demand for vegan products by making existing and new products more widely available than ever before.

‘Plant-based future’

“In fact, Astrid Och Aporna products have already returned to selected stores, and we plan to relaunch in all major supermarkets in Scandinavia, as well as in restaurants, the wider catering industries and in hotels in the near future,” he said in a statement.

Speaking exclusively to PBN, Ullerstam added: “Working with forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Heather is central to Kale United’s vision for a plant-based future. We are creating the Scandinavian growth and investment hub for plant-based businesses, part of a global movement for change that is benefiting businesses, economies, our climate and human and animal welfare.”

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