Over 50% Of Child Psychiatrists Say Patients Suffer From 'Eco-Anxiety'

Over 50% Of Child Psychiatrists Say Their Patients Suffer From ‘Eco-Anxiety’

'We don’t want to pathologise a normal response. But eco-anxiety can develop into something unhealthy'


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More than 50 percent of child and adolescent psychiatrists say their patients are suffering from ‘eco-anxiety‘.

The data comes from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, who surveyed its members employed by the National Health Service (NHS). 

Psychiatrists were asked: “In the last year have you seen patients who are distressed about environmental and ecological issues?”

57.3 percent of child and adolescent and child psychiatrist said yes. However, the sample size for this was only 82 people. 

Psychiatrists dealing will patients of all ages also witnessed a high percentage (47.9 ) of patients suffering from eco-anxiety. This came from a much larger sample size of 551 experts. 

‘Worries and anxieties’

Bernadka Dubicka is the Chair of the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

She told the Guardian: “In recent years, a whole new set of issues has emerged. These are all things young people have to contend with, things that affect their futures.

“We don’t want to pathologise a normal response. But eco-anxiety can develop into something unhealthy. 

“If a child already has mental health issues, this may compound some of those worries and anxieties. If a parent sees changes in a child, for example, more withdrawn, not sleeping or eating, it is important they seek help.”

Need help?

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*The American Psychiatric Association (APA) describes eco-anxiety as ‘a chronic fear of environmental doom’. In the U.S, it is not officially considered as a diagnosable condition.

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