Reading Time: < 1 minute An alkaline vegan diet is largely comprised of whole-foods such as fruits and vegetables Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission
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This article has been retracted by Plant Based News.

PBN published a story about a man’s personal account on how he claims to have overcome cancer by switching to an alkaline vegan diet, on May 16 2021.

We reported how the man said he came across a doctor’s claims that cancer could not survive in an oxygenated, alkaline, cellular environment.

Further research indicates that eating an alkaline diet can not effectively treat cancer. Moreover, according to Cancer Research UK, ‘there is no good evidence to prove that diet and manipulate whole body pH, or that it has an impact on cancer’.

As a result, we have removed the article from our website.

Altering and removing stories diminishes trust with our readers, and they are a matter of the public record. We only remove published content in the most extraordinary circumstances to ensure our platform is credible.

Emily is a News and Features Writer for Plant Based News. She has previously worked as a journalist in Devon, UK, reporting on local issues from politics to the environment.