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Reddit‘s former co-founder Alexis Ohanian predicts a ‘huge bump’ in plant-based foods in the next decade.

The entrepreneur, who’s married to tennis pro Serena Williams, made the statement to his 359,00 Twitter followers.

He retweeted a story about the recent COVID-19 outbreaks in Danish mink farms, which could spark a new pandemic.

‘A global pandemic hits different’

He wrote: “Not the time, I know, but plant-based foods, products, etc. are going to get a huge bump next decade as we realize what our factory-animal-processing practices have done to our health [and] safety.”

Ohanian also responded to one social media user who shared an article from Outbreak Database. The post detailed a 2006 outbreak of E.coli on lettuce served at Taco Bell Restaurants in the U.S.

The tech investor replied: “A global pandemic hits different, tho. It’s been a problem for a long time.”

‘More pain and destruction’

Animal advocacy group PETA welcomed Ohanian’s comment, thanking him ‘for speaking out’.

The charity added: “Cramming animals together for food is what got us into this mess. We can’t allow animal agriculture and fur farming to cause more pain and destruction.

Is Alexis Ohanian Vegan?

Despite speaking out and criticising the ‘factory-animal-processing practices’, Ohanian is not vegan himself.

Earlier this year, he replied to a fan asking him how ‘a vegan survives at the Waffle House’. Ohanian replied: “I no vegan. Just veggie. I eat eggs, lots of eggs.”

However, on Instagram the star said: “The future of food is predominantly plant based… I’m excited about what that’ll mean for the health, our planet, and startups we’ve invested in such as Impossible Foods.

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