Reading Time: 2 minutes Vivo Life's three workout programs represent three animals: the Mustang, Rhino, and Gorilla Credit: Vivo Life
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Some of the strongest, fastest, and most agile animals on the planet are plant-based – like the Rhino, which can weigh over 2500kg and charge at 30mph. 

And when it comes to speed and stamina, it doesn’t get much better than the Mustang horse, who can hit a top speed of 54mph and keep on going.

For agility, think Gorilla: who can swing from branch to branch with a single arm.

Inspired by the incredible athleticism of these plant-based animals, Vivo Life’s PERFORM Like an Animal campaign aims to prove once and for all that you don’t need to consume animal protein to perform like one.

Vivo Life’s six-week plan

Teaming up with world-class fitness coaches, the PERFORM like an Animal website offers three workout programs, represented by each animal.

The Rhino focuses on developing a foundation of raw strength and power, while the Mustang aims to increase stamina and endurance. The Gorilla program focuses on functional fitness and improving overall movement and mobility. 

Each program comes with six weeks of video workouts, as well as regular live classes from industry experts. There’s also a wealth of resources on mobility, breathwork, mental wellbeing, and more. 

The brand believes plant protein is superior to animal protein

There’s no special equipment required, as each exercise has an equipment-free substitute if you can’t get to a gym.

Fuelled by plants

Vivo Life believes that plant protein is a far better option than animal protein – both for health, animals, and the planet. 

With a priority on a whole food plant-based diet, the six-week program comes with recipes and meal plan advice, designed by nutritionist T.J. Waterfall. All of our healthy, high-protein recipes are designed to aid in recovery and improve athletic performance.

Also, Vivo’s nutritionists have put together a supplement stack for each program – to maximize performance and recovery. 

There’s also a variety of ebooks and recipes, proving that vegan food never has to be boring.

Are you ready to PERFORM like an Animal?

Sign up for free from May 11 – here! 

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