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It was fashion designer and gardening expert Ron Finley who coined the phrase ‘growing your own food is like printing your own money’ back in a 2013 TedTalk.

These words resonate stronger now than ever before. As the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to spread, we’re beginning to question how effective our reliance on supermarkets is.


But urban farmer and permaculture expert Jack Hodgson is spearheading the movement to reconnect with nature, teaching people everything they need to know about growing their own vegetables.

Despite never trying an avocado until he was 24-years-old, Jack, curator of PBN Grow, now runs a market garden in Essex, England, with three simple principles: no-dig, permaculture, and bio-dynamic farming.

He is also the latest to feature on the Plant Based News Podcast, hosted by PBN Co-Founder Robbie Lockie.

The pair discuss the UK’s problem with food waste, how to tackle pests when growing your own vegetables, and how Brexit will affect the farming industry.

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