Reading Time: 2 minutes More men are ditching animal products as a reaction to hitting milestone ages (Photo: Licensed from Adobe)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Going vegan is a sign of men hitting midlife crisis, according to new research.

The study of 3,000 people by Bupa Health Clinics, says hitting the start of a new decade – like 40 or 50 – can drive people into crisis, inspiring them to make big health changes like ditching alcohol, signing up for sporting events, or going for a full health MOT – though 25 percent relapsed within 12 months. Around five percent maintained the changed for eight years or more.

Nearly a quarter (24 percent) of respondents in Bupa’s survey reacted to their midlife crisis by going vegan. This is the wording used by Bupa itself, which did not differentiate between a plant-based diet and moral veganism.

Going vegan

French chef – and owner of Gauthier Soho – Alex Gauthier is one of the men who ditched animal products as a result of his midlife crisis. Speaking about his experience, the traditionally-trained French chef said he used to cook a lot of meat, fish, and dishes like foie gras.

“Until the day I realized it wasn’t for me anymore,” he added. “I’m trying to rethink my entire food knowledge and re-write all the rules of cooking and eating with a vegan perspective.

“It’s really exciting, and a bit of a midlife crisis I guess. Some people buy a brand new Harley Davidson. I didn’t do that – I just went vegan.”


Jake Williams, Lifestyle Health Adviser at Bupa Health Clinics: “Entering a new decade is one of many triggers that can prompt us to think about our health.

“In our clinics, we often see customers coming in for a general health check shortly before, or after turning, an age ending with a zero.

“While taking stock of our health is something to be embraced and encouraged, it’s important we don’t ignore our health for the other nine years.”

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