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Vegan bodybuilder Nimai Delgado has revealed exciting details about upcoming documentary The Game Changers in this PBN interview.

According to Delgado, who hasn’t ever eaten animals and went plant-based in 2015, the filmmakers left no stone unturned in achieving their vision.

He told PBN Founder Klaus Mitchell: “Louie (Psihoyos – the film’s director) and I hired a whole gym, and we shot for eight or even 10 hours.

“It was another level, an experience, I’ll never forget it.”

‘New era’

Delgado believes the film is going to usher in a ‘new era’ of veganism. He said: “It keeps your attention the entire time.

“There are a few different storylines and they are very powerful.

“The information in the movie – it’s unmatched compared to any other vegan movie I’ve seen.”


Delgado also revealed some of his ambitious plans.

According to the athlete, he has long-harbored ambitions to be the first male vegan to compete in Mr Olympia.

He also said he wants to show people how you can be vegan and maintain health. He said: “You can be an athlete and only eat plants and just save lives.

“[We should use our voices] in a manner that’s going to change this generation.”

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