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Galaxy and Bounty chocolate vegan milkshakes are set to launch in the supermarket giant Asda next week.

According to Kevs’ Snack Reviews on Instagram, the popular chocolate flavors, owned by Mars Incorporated, have been re-created as a non-dairy drink.

Priced at £1.50 a bottle, the Galaxy drink is oat-milk based, while the Bounty flavor uses coconut milk to replicate its original taste.

‘Pretty decent’

“I try to reduce dairy when I can so I’m pleased to see more vegan options becoming widely available,” the Instagrammer wrote.

“These taste pretty decent for a vegan alternative, the Galaxy has a nice malty flavor while the Bounty tastes strongly of coconut. I wish they weren’t sugar-free though as they contain artificial sweeteners, which I don’t like the taste of.”

The announcement was well-received online, with a plethora of vegans showing interest in the new products. 

“I’m all over that galaxy one,” one user commented – while another said: no way, wtf look at this!” 

The drinks, which have been accredited with the vegan trademark, will hit the shelves on September 23.

Liam Giliver

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