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Global vegan meat brand, Fry Family Food (Fry’s) has made its US grocery debut in Lazy Acres stores across Southern California.

From early June this year, Fry’s will be introducing 10 of its meatless products to five Lazy Acres locations, beginning with the Encinitas store in San Diego County.

The products include: traditional burgers, gluten-free chia nuggets, battered prawns, quinoa country roast, flaxseed schnitzels, sausage rolls, gluten-free quinoa burgers, gluten-free falafel balls, roasted butternut balls, and quinoa stir-fry strips.

‘Good for the planet and all its inhabitants’

“Fry’s and Lazy Acres both have a robust brand presence and a devoted consumer base,” says Lori Amos, Founder of Marketing and PR firm Scout 22.

“They share top to bottom ethical philosophies—craftsmanship-like quality and a drive to provide products and services that are good for the planet and all its inhabitants.”

Healthy alternatives

Joe Ragusa, VP of Marketing for Lazy Acres Market added: “Lazy Acres is excited to partner with Fry’s on [its] plant-based products. We are committed to providing our customers with healthy alternatives that fit their lifestyles without sacrificing taste.

“As a community based, natural foods market it’s our passion and mission to bring in new and exciting brands and Fry’s is a valued addition to our stores.”

Liam Giliver

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