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Deliveroo says its vegan takeaway orders have skyrocketed by 163 percent compared to last year. 

The online food delivery service has also witnessed the number of restaurants catering to vegans double in the past year. It has also seen a 153 percent rise in searches for ‘vegan’ food in the app compared to the month before

With more than 500,000 Brits pledging to participate in this year’s ‘Veganuary’… Deliveroo is encouraging people to’ try going ‘Vegan-ish’ this month and enjoy the huge range of amazing Vegan options available on the app’.

‘Massive increase in demand’

Elena Devis is the Vegan Category Specialist at Deliveroo. In a statement sent to PBN she said: “We’re continuing to see a massive increase in demand from our customers for Vegan dishes. So, many of our restaurant partners have created exciting new dishes to kick-off Veganuary 2021. 

“Vegan and plant-based food is a growth area we are really excited by at Deliveroo… We’re super happy to be supporting Veganuary again this year.”

‘It’s great to have Deliveroo on board’

Toni Vernelli is Head of Communications at Veganuary. She added: “With the climate crisis and global pandemic making headlines every day and many feeling helpless, Veganuary offers people a way to take positive action. 

“The huge response we’ve had this year shows it’s exactly what many people need right now. It’s great to have Deliveroo on-board making it so much easier for people to try vegan this January.” 

Vegan takeaway orders

According to the food delivery service, veganism is ‘no fleeting fad’. In fact, it shows no sign of ‘slowing down any time soon’.

Earlier this year, the brand revealed its vegan takeaway orders had skyrocketed by 115 percent.

Cities with the most vegan orders per capita last year were Brighton, Bristol, London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

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