‘World’s First’ Vegan Spam Creator Launches Plant-Based Pork In UK Restaurants

OmniPork has partnered with nine UK restaurants to debut a limited-edition menu during Veganuary


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Vegan spam creator launches plant-based-pork OmniPork's UK restaurant offerings are only available for a limited time - Media Credit: Supplied

The brand behind the ‘world’s first’ vegan spam is launching its plant-based pork in the UK. 

OmniPork has partnered with nine restaurants including to roll out limited-edition menus for Veganuary. 

It also says its plant-based products will be ‘coming to more restaurants and supermarket shelves’ later this year. 

OmniPork’s UK offerings:

  • Burger with Korean BBQ Marinade Seasame Mayo (£9). Available from Plant Hustler, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.
  • Mushroom truffle salsa OmniPork siu mai (£5.50 for four pieces; £8 for six pieces). Available for Home delivery by Kay Kay Foods.
  • Scot Egg (£5.99). Available from Erpingham House and Deliveroo. 
  • Bun Cha and Korean Bibimbap with spicy OmniPork Mince (£9.50) Available from Eat Chay, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.
  • Mapo Tofu with OmniPork and Marinated aubergine with OmniPork (From £6.50). Available via delivery service by Alta Foods.

“Vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike can get their fix of Asian-inspired dishes delivered straight to their doorstep this winter,” the brand said in a statement sent to PBN. “The range is testament to the versatility of the product itself.”

Vegan Spam

OmniPork’s vegan spam debuted in KongKong last year, and is set to soo debut across Europe.

The veggie luncheon meat helped the brand’s retail grocery sales spike a staggering 120 percent in the last year. 

Omnipork Luncheon is 49 percent lower in fat and 62 percent lower in sodium than its pork-based counterpart. It is also cholesterol-free and does not contain carcinogenic nitrates.

Founder David Yeung said: “Luncheon meat is a food that everyone in Asia has a love-hate relationship with.

“Eating isn’t just about filling up our stomachs and absorbing the daily nutrition we need. It’s also about satisfying our cravings. So I am very excited to finally provide a healthier plant-based alternative.”

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