Reading Time: < 1 minute Many people who use the vegan meal service suffer mental or physical health problems Credit: Made in Hackney
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A London-based vegan organization is searching for support so that it can continue helping people in need by providing them with hearty plant-based meals. Made in Hackney is a community kitchen that advocates supporting those who need it with nutritious food: and now it needs your help.

Since launching its Community Meal Support Service over the pandemic, the charity is looking to raise £150,000 in just six weeks to continue its vital work.

Last year, it delivered 500 meals a day by bike – providing a lifeline to many in the borough of Hackney.

Vegan organization helps the vulnerable

With the 2020 lockdowns in the past, Made in Hackney is still facing several major challenges. This is why it decided to launch a crowdfunding page, which went live this week.

Community meal service head chef Sareta Puri explains: “The service may have started as a response to the COVID19 pandemic. But as long as our community needs support, we’re going to keep cooking.”

Among those the organization supports are people with long-term physical or mental health issues.

Made in Hackney’s crowdfunder launched last week

Made in Hackney

They’re also people living in temporary accommodation without their own kitchen facilities, as well as people who have been made suddenly unemployed.

In a statement sent to PBN, founder Sarah Bentley said: “Our community are amazingly resilient, talented and resourceful.

“But sometimes too many challenges happen at once and without support, you’d go hungry. That’s the reality.”

You can donate to the crowdfunding page here

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