Vegan Shoppers Drive Frozen Food Market Growth

As more shoppers turn to a plant-based diet, producers are meeting demand with innovative frozen vegan products.


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The days of supermarket freezers packed with bland, beige foods are gone. Modern consumers are increasingly returning to the frozen aisles for vegetables, gourmet ready meals and plant based meat alternatives.

In fact, a new report by Tachnavio, which analyzed frozen food trends, has predicted $64.69 billion industry growth between now and 2024. 

Veganism ‘key factor’ in frozen food trend

The report cites consumer inclination toward vegan frozen food as one of the key factors driving market growth. As more and more shoppers turn to a plant-based diet, producers are rising to meet demand with innovative frozen products like vegan burgers, sausages and fillets. 

Conscientious consumers

Gourmet, nutritious prepared meals have seen a boom in popularity, as consumers seek out tastier, healthier convenience foods. And as environmental factors become key to shoppers’ buying habits, suppliers are reducing plastic waste through resealable, multi-use recyclable packages. 

What’s more, the adoption of individual quick freezing technology reduces freezing time helps the product retain its shape, colour, smell and taste after defrosting. 

Vegan boom

The surge in demand for frozen vegan produce isn’t confined to whole foods – last year Goodfellas launched a stonebaked frozen pizza topped with Vbites vegan cheese. 

And beyond the freezer section, vegan foods continue to claim greater swathes of real estate in UK supermarkets. Just this month, ASDA announced it would be dedicating a whole ambient aisle to vegan food in selected stores.

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