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Vegan Dairy Milk has been ‘spotted’ on Tesco’s website, according to Vegan Food UK. 

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An image of the product reportedly appeared as a ‘suggested product’ on the UK retailer’s website, but has since been removed.

The picture showed the iconic purple bar with the word ‘vegan’ emblazoned beneath the Dairy Milk logo.  The retail price was listed as £2.39.

‘Looks like Cadbury Vegan Dairy Milk is set to launch at Tesco soon’

Vegan Dairy Milk

Earlier this year, Cadbury’s confirmed it has been working on creating a vegan version of its popular Dairy Milk bar. 

According to reports, the company has been working on developing a dairy-free recipe for two years, and wanted to launch the bar to tie into Veganuary, but has struggled to find a dairy alternative that is suitable for those with nut allergies.

“We’re always listening to our consumers, so we can develop and provide people with a greater choice of products,” a spokesperson for the company told The Telegraph.

“This includes looking at a plant-based Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, however we have no immediate plans to launch a new product to market.

“We are only interested in launching a new vegan product that retains the texture and taste that our consumers expect and love from Cadbury products.”

Liam Giliver

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