Reading Time: < 1 minute The non-dairy option has launched in the US Credit: Ben & Jerry's
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Ben & Jerry’s is launching a vegan version of its classic Karamel Sutra Core ice cream. 

The new dairy-free option features chocolate and caramel ice cream made from almond milk, as well as fudge chips and soft caramel sauce ‘core’. 

‘Indulgent flavor’

“Happy hump day, Karamel Sutra lovers!” the ice cream giant wrote on Twitter. 

“Have you met Karamel Sutra Core Non-Dairy? This indulgent flavor is now also available as a certified vegan pint!”

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s

Last month, Ben & Jerry’s debuted its vegan Phish Food ice cream after years of developing gelatin-free marshmallows.

Matthew McCarthy is the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s. He told Yahoo Finance: “As a company that has a cow on the package, we’ve been associated with our Vermont farmers for decades now. 

“But, our fans want all kinds of different ways to get Ben and Jerry’s euphoric flavors. And that includes dairy but also includes vegan or non-dairy flavors, which we started, really, developing a few years ago…

“The more we released, the more fans said – for whatever reason, dietary restrictions, choices, awareness about the carbon footprint of the food choices our fans make – they just kept asking for more flavors.”

‘Developing’ more vegan options

McCarthy also added: “Our flavor gurus just got after developing more and more of our classic flavors. And Phish Food is one of our classics…

“It’s about wowing our fans. We want to excite our fans and keep them really excited about the stuff that we do to keep our fans happy.”

Liam Giliver

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