Reading Time: < 1 minute U.K's 'first vegan egg' lands in M&S and The Vegan Kind stores Credit: Instagram
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Startup brand, Crackd, has launched its long-awaited cold-pressed egg substitute in Marks and Spencer stores across the U.K.

Each bottle contains the equivalent of eight eggs and can be used in cakes and Yorkshire puddings as well as in quiches and scrambled eggs.

Crackd announced the launch earlier this month and is now stocked in hundreds of M&S outlets nationwide.

Crackd is now available in M&S stores around the U.K.

Rich in B12

Ingredients include pea protein, nutritional yeast, and vitamin B12 and the product is free from artificial colors and flavorings.

Development firm Bingham & Jones is behind the brand’s creation, following the success of ranges Heck and GOSH! – according to Green Queen.

‘Rise and bind’

Rik Roberts, Crackd General Manager, told Green Queen: “It’s designed to perform like an egg – aerating and emulsifying. 

“Combined together they both help the item you’re cooking to rise and bind, leading to a lightening in texture.”

Cooking takes 15 minutes longer with its vegan egg, Crackd claim – with an optimal temperature of 10 degrees Celcius  lower than a chicken egg rather than 10 degrees.


The plant-based egg is also available from The Vegan Kind online at £4.09 a bottle.

Vegan eggs are popping up around the globe, from Eat Just in China to Zero Egg in the U.S.

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