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Tofurky is celebrating selling more than six million of its signature vegan roasts.

The meat-free brand announced the news on Instagram, just one week ahead of Thanksgiving.

‘Grinning from ear to ear’

“Grinning from ear to ear because we just shipped our 6 millionth Roast,” Tofurky said.

“Thank you for being a part of the Tofurky journey. If you’re new here our Tofurky Roast is a savory blend of wheat and tofu. 

It’s filled with a flavorful wild rice and bread crumb stuffing, ready to be basted, roasted, carved, and devoured by your whole posse.”

Tofurky’s ‘astronomical demand’

Despite COVID-19 disruptions, Tofurky told Plant Based News it has witnessed ‘astronomical demand‘ for its vegan products.

Seth Tibbot is the Founder and Chairman of Tofurky. He told PBN: ““Year over year increases for individual products have ranged from 42 percent to over 600 percent during the past two months.”

Moreover, the company’s growth doubled in March, compared to January and February, before COVID-19, with overall sales spiking around 37 percent.

“Health, concern for animals, and environmental reasons all play a part in driving this upward trend, Tibbot added.

“And with the advancements in flavor and texture of plant-based products, this is also a major reason for the category’s expansion.”

You can listen to PBN’s interview with Tibott here

Liam Giliver

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