Research across major supermarkets found plant-based products cost more than animal-based counterparts, despite growing demand for plant-based items Waitrose says it hopes prices will drop as demand for plant-based products continues to increase - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

Supermarket Plant-Based Products Cost More Than Animal Products, Research Shows


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According to research, customers are paying almost 200 percent more for plant-based products in comparison to animal counterparts.

The study, which was commissioned by sports insurance brand, Insure4Sport, assessed prices across major UK supermarkets. The results concluded four in five plant-based products cost more than the meat options.

Plant-based meat alternatives

The analysis looked at seven supermarkets, including Waitrose and Marks & Spencer’s.

For example, M&S’s Plant Kitchen No Pork Sausage Rolls sell for £2.25. Yet, the pork version costs 80p, making the plant-based product £1.45 more expensive. This was despite both products bearing the same weight.

In addition, differences in the prices of milk at Waitrose were compared. Semi-skimmed cow’s milk costs customers 89p whilst the supermarket’s own brand of oat milk is priced at £1.55.

Moreover, Waitrose’s Vegan Chilli costs £3.75 whilst the meat version is both cheaper and a smaller portion.

Increasing demand in supermarkets

Despite record-breaking support from supermarkets over Veganuary this year, the research showed buying vegan products was more costly in general.

Buying a vegan supermarket product twice a week would cost an additional £35 a year, an Insure4Sport spokesperson told The Times.

Is it always the case?

Despite this, many people on plant-based diets argue that it is, in fact, cheaper to avoid animal products. For example, a British mother shared the secrets to feeding her family-of-seven entirely plant-based meals for just £25 a week.

Plant-based products require ‘complex processing methods’, M&S told The Times. Waitrose added that it hopes prices decrease in line with growing demand.

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1 year ago

Plant based is definitely more expensive. My grocery bill has sky rocketed since making the switch to plant based.

1 year ago

Making the “competition” more expensive is how Big Ag fights back, but we won’t back down!

Darrell Sawczuk
Darrell Sawczuk
1 year ago
Reply to  rodentx2

Change is coming 🙂 Demand is growing <3

Ruairi Lynch
Ruairi Lynch
1 year ago

I’m under the impression that a lot of animal products like cow milk are subsidised while the soya/alternative milks are not so the price of cow milk is much higher when accounted for the price we pay for it in taxes. Even if we choose not to drink cow milk we are still paying for it in taxes I wonder what the price of soya milk would be if we had a real free market without government interference, would the dairy industry totally collapse without big government bailouts. I think that would be a better reading and more interesting artical than super market prices.

Darrell Sawczuk
Darrell Sawczuk
1 year ago
Reply to  Ruairi Lynch

Truth <3

Philippa Cane
Philippa Cane
1 year ago

Waitrose vegan samosas cost considerably more than vegetable samosas despite being basically the same thing. The supermarkets are definitely trying to rip vegans off.

Darrell Sawczuk
Darrell Sawczuk
1 year ago
Reply to  Philippa Cane

Some may mark up just because of the word. Good to find those accidentally vegan products like you said 🙂