Reading Time: 2 minutes Lawyers are pressing for Good Catch to abandon the 'Ourway' logo and stop positioning trucks outside its chains Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since the news broke that tuna sandwiches sold by the food giant Subway contained no tuna DNA, a vegan brand responded by handing out free subs outside stores.

Following this, Good Catch has faced a legal threat from the company, according to a leaked email published on social media.

Subway scandal

It came after The New York Times ordered a study, where samples were sent to a lab.

Results came back confirming there was no tuna DNA present. Moreover, scientists couldn’t specify what the meat was.

In response, plant-based seafood brand Good Catch began handing out free vegan subs with ‘Ourway’ trucks mimicking the chain’s logo.

In a statement sent to PBN, co-founder Chad Sarno said: “With the Subway news grabbing headlines across the globe, this is the perfect moment to inform people that there is a better way to enjoy the taste and experience of delicious seafood without harm to our oceans.”

But Subway maintains the DNA testing is ‘unreliable’. In a statement, the chain said: “DNA testing is simply not a reliable way to identify denatured proteins, like Subway’s tuna, which was cooked before it was tested.”

Leaked email

Then Good Catch revealed it had been sent an email from lawyers representing Subway.

Good Catch shared the email on Instagram

Sender details were blurred, but the email reads: “Subway also believes in consumer choice, and continue to serve its delicious Tuna Subs made from 100 percent wild-caught tuna.” Moreover, the brand is adding more plant-based options to its menu, it adds.

However, lawyers call for Good Catch to stop using the Ourway logo because it is ‘targeting’ the chain’s consumers.

‘Unfortunately, that use infringes Subway’s intellectual property rights’, the lawyers claim.

Aside from the logo use, they’re also calling for Good Catch to stop parking its food trucks outside Subways. The email states this is a trademark infringement.

Good Catch hopes to encourage Subway to add more fish free options.

Subway has been approached for a comment

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