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Sandwich chain Subway is adding vegan chicken to its menu, according to Vegan Food UK. 

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It says the Tastes Like Chicken (T.L.C) sub will hit stores on December 30, alongside its vegan double chocolate chip cookie that was trialed earlier this year.

‘The full roll-out’

“The new vegan Sub will be called the TLC, and from the picture, it looks like a roasted type of plant-based chicken,” Vegan Food UK wrote on Instagram.

“The Chocolate Cookie has been on trial at select locations and looks like it’s going for the full roll-out for Veganuary 2020.”

‘The new vegan sub will be called the TLC’

Tastes Like Chicken

Earlier this year, Subway trialed its TLC sub in eight outlets in Dubai – with a formal launch expected across the UAE next year.

It also launched a ‘Vegan Balls’ sandwich featuring marinara sauce, rocket, and plant-based ‘meat balls’. 

However, according to Gulf News, the TLC n Dubai consists of a breaded chicken patty which contains egg in its coating and is therefore unsuitable for vegans.

Plant Based News has contacted Subway for comment

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